Industry Workshops - Avizo-Amira and Heliscan — ICTMS Committee Dep of Applied Maths Australian National University
11:00AM - 12:30PM

Advanced image acquisition and automated analysis; combining HeliScan MicroCT and Amira-Avizo Software

This workshop course will be focusing on the capabilities of the HeliScan micro CT combined with the advanced 3D visualization and analysis features of Amira-Avizo Software for exploring and understanding micro CT data.

Participants will be offered a complete overview starting from sample mounting, acquisition strategy including trajectories and filtering, reconstruction methods to data visualization, image processing and segmentation, measurements and statistics, and other advanced set of functionalities.

Building on a HeliScan dataset participants will be offered the chance to try some of the latest features of Amira-Avizo Software.

Amira and Avizo Software are well-known digital labs for visualizing, inspecting, measuring and analyzing scientific and industrial data.

All the powerful features provided by Amira-Avizo Software can be customized and automated to perfectly fit with your research needs and to increase your productivity. The hands-on session will be focused on automation of analysis workflows in Amira-Avizo Software.

Please visit the HeliScan MicroCT webpage for more details.

Please visit the Amira-Avizo Software webpage for more details.